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Thatcham Research: Safety is the First Consideration with Autonomous Vehicles

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Matthew Avery, Director of Research at the UK’s leading independent vehicle safety organisation, Thatcham Research spoke on Tuesday, June 27th on safety in autonomous cars. “During the next decade we’ll move incrementally closer to full vehicle autonomy, passing some key regulatory and technology milestones before reaching the point from 2025 where we can expect vehicles to be able to drive themselves from door-to-door, completely hands free,” said Avery.

“The speed of development of this technology is quite remarkable and car makers should be applauded for their innovation. However, it’s imperative that consumers are kept fully informed as things progress if we are to avoid the confusion and lack of education that exists today over the availability and performance of essential safety technologies like Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), ” he added.

Source: Thatcham Research

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