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The Top 7 Hybrid and Electric Cars to Buy in 2017

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Technologically speaking, this is a great year to be in the market for a new a hybrid or electric car. There are more offerings in automakers’ lineups, new green cars are faster, more economical, more luxurious, safer, and are more easily connected to the rhythms of your life.

My only complaint is that not enough are all-wheel drive models. Bad weather and road hazards are real, and drivers need the control of AWD. I get why they’re slow to making this move. Not only is it difficult to cram the extra transmission into a space with electric motors and equipment; the manufacturing runs for some of these models is small—meaning less profit per vehicle.

This means I’ve left off some really cool entry-level hybrid sedans from Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Maybe they should have re-thought their re-thinking and made these vehicles front-wheel drive, like two other members of the list. There’s nothing wrong with FWD, just ask the owners of the hundreds of millions of FWD cars across the globe.

Sorry, I digress.

Over the next 7 pages, we are going to take a look at the best of the best.

If you are ready to improve your level of energy independence, or are curious about hybrid and electric cars; this is the resource to find the 10 best hybrid and electric cars to buy in 2017. By the way, none of these cars fulfill the mid-00’s-era pundit predictions of boring, ugly econoboxes that suck the lives out of their owners. There’s a Porsche on the list, for God’s sake.

So enjoy! If you’re interested in a vehicle, please click on the “Build Me” button, where you can continue your investigation at the vehicle’s official website.

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