About Us

AutoTech.Today is a brand new media platform that will inform car owners, auto intenders, car technophiles and others about today’s automotive technology.

Content Themes

Whether on our website, social media or other channels, AutoTech.Today will provide content on the following:

  • Car reviews focusing on tech usability and performance
  • Understanding the technology in your current vehicle
  • Rating and comparing the performance and usability of on-board entertainment, navigation and vehicle information systems
  • The integration of mobile devices and cars
  • Innovations in Connected Car tech
  • The road to self-driving cars
  • Hybrid, electric, diesel, fuel-cell and other alt-fuel technology
  • Innovations in safety technology
  • Data privacy & security
  • Aftermarket auto tech accessories

A New Kind of Car Review

A tech focus will require us to reshape the traditional car review. Trims, specs and driving impressions are always important.  However, a tech-oriented review should focus on usability. Technology problems have been proven to degredate the ownership experience and decrease chances of repeat business.

AutoTech.Today will look at these features and more:

  • Key fob and remote access/entry tech, connectivity, connected car tech, mobile manuals and other tech
  • Bumper/crash avoidance and occupant survival technology
  • Headlights and vision
  • Engine, fuel/alt fuel technology, economy
  • Transmission technology
  • Front seat tech–driver information, vehicle information, vehicle controls, nav and entertainment, climate controls, access to hood, trunk and gas cap
  • Back seat tech–entertainment system, climate control, safety
  • Trunk and cargo area tech–lighting, cleaning, tire changing tools